Hj. Bertula & Son Ltd.

Bertula International Ltd.

Bertula Fur manufacture everything from small accessories to entire garments and intermediates for the fashion industry. We manufacture according to your templates, and provide you with expert advice when it comes to fur quality and properties.

All our products, from accessories to entire garments are made from skins with 62°Fox® certification.

We also hold stocks of fox skins and hides for you, to ensure absolutely optimal delivery times. Our skins can be conveniently found and purchased through our online 24/7 site FOXMARKET™. Click here to visit www.foxmarket.fi.


Lillsandsvägen 1
66950 Munsala

tel. + 358 400  564 653



Our fox fur stock from Finland carries 62°Fox® quality and origin certification. This guarantees and ensures that your products are fitted with fox skins that have undergone the toughest monitoring and tracking procedures currently in use. Read more about Origin Guaranteed  at www.62fox.com.

  • co-operation with different designers around the world

  • our own studio for product development
  • we are constantly testing different design ideas
  • production of prototypes and collections
  • production of selected fox furs from our own certified productionline
  • 100% guaranteed traceability
  • origin 100 % guaranteed
  • supplier for the fur industry
  • supplier for the textile industry
  • finished products for the trade
  • counseling
  • vests
  • accessories
  • semi-manufactures
  • furdetails

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