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FoxCraft Ltd.

FoxCraft Ab is a subsidiary to Hj. Bertula & Son Ab. FoxCraft is a real frontrunner in developing tools and services for farming. We also develop a range of top of the line software focused on i.e. quality management and day do day running of a fox farm.

Contact information

Jakobstadsvägen 41
66900 Nykarleby


tel. + 358 40 965 4214
e-mail: mats.karf@foxcraft.fi




  • software for fur farms
  • complete data for your furproduction
  • complete overview from mating to pelting
  • monitor the feeding through FP Feeder
  • order fur feed for next day via FP Fooder
  • TopFox is a provider of top quality BlueFox genes.
  • distribution on a daily basis of sperm from a pool of breeding animals
  • one part of TopFox is Jungarline which  is the name of our co-operation with Jungars Fur Farm. They deliver high quality males for our operations
  • distribution ALSO of Silverfox sperm
  • orders are placed online
  • the WORLDS LARGEST fox pelting central
  • the peltingcentral active since 2001
  • new extended facilities built in 2008
  • starting from 2014-2015 we have increased capacity
  • production follow-up with the help of 2D-coding
  • our customer can easily log in to our system online at any time to recieve full information about the pelting plan which  guarantees an unparalleled level of quality control in production and transparency for the customer
  • skinning
  • new app service in 2012
  • the first app in this business ever
  • gives you real time data about the pelting right in your phone
  • this service is under fast development and will be constantly updated with lots of new helpful features
  • instrumental evaluation of furs for the industry
  • secure follow up of individual furs with tags that can’t be tampered
  • webbased search functions
  • search stock for the most suitable fur with your internet browser
  • counseling for the manufacturing industry
  • cooled facilities for optimal storage of furs

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